Completed Projects in Multan Division

Sr. No.DistrictLocationNew/ RehabilitatedExecuting Agency(ies)Beneficiary Population
1FaislabadChak No. 150/10RNewPAPA5,000
2FaislabadChak 124/WbNewPAPA4,800
3KhanewalChak No 9B/8R Kacha Kho Road, Abdul HakeemNewSarwar Foundation3,240
4KhanewalGreen TownNewAl Khidmat Foundaton5,000
5LodhranLodhran Chak GodhaNewPAPA4,800
6LodhranChak No. 38/MNewPAPA5,000
8LodhranChak No. 99/MNewPAPA5,200
9LodhranChak No. 89/MNewPAPA4,400
10LodhranWahi Salamat RaiNewPAPA3,600
11LodhranPallu WalaNewPAPA4,900
12LodhranChak GodhaNewPAPA5,400
14LodhranChak HumtahNewPAPA5,100
15Multan3 MrNewPAPA5,000
16Multan Lodhran Chak No. 38/MNewPAPA4,800
17Multan Lodhran DaseeNewPAPA5,200
18Multan Lodhran Chak No. 99/MNewPAPA4,400
19Multan Lodhran Chak No. 89/MNewPAPA3,600
20Multan Lodhran Wahi Salamat RaiNewPAPA4,900
21Multan Lodhran Chak HumtahNewPAPA5,400
22Multan Lodhran SalsadarNewPAPA5,800
23Multan Lodhran Pallu WalaNewPAPA4,200
24Multan Multan 3 MrNewPAPA4,800
25MultanMultan City 3 MrNewPAPA3,450
26MultanDunyapur Chak No. 38/MNewPAPA3,240
27MultanDunyapur DaseeNewPAPA3,240
28MultanLodhran Chak No. 99/MNewPAPA5,000
29MultanLodhran Chak No. 89/MNewPAPA4,800
30MultanLodhran Wahi Salamat RaiNewPAPA5,200
31MultanLodhran Chak HumtahNewPAPA4,400
32MultanLodhran SalsadarNewPAPA3,600
33MultanLodhran Pallu WalaNewPAPA4,900
34Multan Vehari Chak 200 EbNewPAPA5,400
35Multan Vehari Chak 52Wb / East NewNewPAPA5,800
36Multan Vehari Chak 58Wb (Nawan)NewPAPA4,200
37Multan Vehari Chak 52Wb / GrabiNewPAPA4,800
38Multan Vehari Chak 87 Wb MalakabadNewPAPA3,450
39Multan Vehari Chak 204 EbNewPAPA3,240
40Multan Vehari Chak 202 EbNewPAPA3,240
41Multan Vehari Chak 83WbNewPAPA5,000
42Multan Vehari Chak 77WbNewPAPA4,800
43Multan Vehari Pir Murad/43WbNewPAPA5,200
44Multan Mailsi 107/WbNewPAPA4,400
45MultanD Block, WasaRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF6,500
46MultanW Block, WasaRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF6000
47MultanFaisal Mukhtar Park, Art CouncilRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF5,600
48MultanMeharban ColonyRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF10,800
49MultanGulgusht Board OfficeRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF7,100
50MultanC Block, GulgushtRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF11,500
51MultanBodla TownRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF6,600
52MultanAl Sana HotelRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF9,000
53MultanWaten ColonyRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF8,500
54MultanChaki LoharaRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF9,500
55MultanQasim BellaRehabilitatedPAPA + UNICEF10,000
56MultanIndustrial EstateNewSarwar Foundation2,870
57MultanChowk Munda, Multan Road, Mian Wali NewSarwar Foundation3,000
58MultanPolice LineNewSarwar Foundation3,150
59Multan Multan Jail (2 Plants)NewSarwar Foundation2,990
60MultanJamia Masjid Khair-Ul- MadarisNewSarwar Foundation3,150
61MultanMasjid Quwat-Ul-IslamNewAl Khidmat Foundaton5,000
62MultanAl Khidmat HospitalNewAl Khidmat Foundaton4,700
63MultanMultan Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Multan CityNewMultan Chamber of Commerce & Industry 8,000
65VehariVehari Chak 200 EbNewPAPA3,450
66VehariVehari Chak 52Wb / East NewNewPAPA3,240
67VehariVehari Chak 58Wb (Nawan)NewPAPA3,240
68VehariVehari Chak 52Wb / GrabiNewPAPA5,000
69VehariVehari Chak 87 Wb MalakabadNewPAPA4,800
70VehariVehari Chak 204 EbNewPAPA5,200
71VehariVehari Chak 202 EbNewPAPA4,400
72VehariVehari Chak 83WbNewPAPA3,240
73VehariVehari Chak 77WbNewPAPA5,000
74VehariVehari Pir Murad/43WbNewPAPA4,600
75VehariMailsi 107/WbNewPAPA5,100
76VehariChak 200 EbNewPAPA5,800
77VehariChak 52Wb / East NewNewPAPA4,200
78VehariChak 58Wb (Nawan)NewPAPA4,800
79VehariChak 52Wb / GrabiNewPAPA3,450
80VehariChak 87 Wb MalakabadNewPAPA3,240
81VehariChak 204 EbNewPAPA3,240
82VehariChak 202 EbNewPAPA5,000
83VehariChak 83WbNewPAPA4,800
84VehariChak 77WbNewPAPA5,200
85VehariPir Murad/43WbNewPAPA4,400
87VehariChak No. 77 WbNewPAPA5,000
88VehariChak MughalNewPAPA5,500
89Vehari107/Wb, MailsiNewPAPA5,100
90VehariPir Murad , 43 WbNewPAPA4,800
91VehariChak No. 83 WbNewPAPA4,800
92VehariChak No. 214 EbNewSarwar Foundation3,210
93VehariFaisal Masjid Jamia Islamia Jadeeda, Faisal TownNewAl Khidmat Foundaton500
94VehariGovt. Boys Degree CollegeNewSarwar Foundation3,450
95VehariChak No. 505NewSarwar Foundation3,240

Total Beneficiaries = 460,000

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