• Handles recruitment process such as posting advertisement, phone screening for shortlisting, arranging interview, employment contracts etc aligned with local regulations, Punjab Government policies and procedures; monitoring the implementation of HR policies and procedures followed by managers and staff.
• Oversees the organization’s human resources requirements including employee on-boarding, managing and administering health and other employee benefits, maintaining personnel records, monitoring insurance coverage and ensuring that personnel policies are up-to-date.
• Oversees all administrative tasks in the office complying with Authority’s policies and procedures; maintaining office furnishing, equipment and supplies, and providing administrative support for the maintenance of the telephone, communication and computing system.
• Collaborates with all management staff to identify and deliver the required administrative support operations for the organization.
• Ensures the organizations compliance with applicable health, building, zoning, and safety licensing and certification requirements.
• Develops, evaluates, and maintains the management information system (MIS).
• Maintains the organizations administrative policies and procedures manual.
• Collaborates with other management staff to draft and implement an annual administrative budget.
• develops and oversees office standard operating procedures.