• Review the project designs conducted by consultants and carry out the needed improvements together with project team;
• Ensure that all the project readiness is in place to avoid any start-up delays in implementation of projects;
• Administer/supervise the projects implementation with consultants’ REs/SREs of projects to ensure the highest level of construction quality and the desired efficiency to complete the work within original schedule;
• Ensure that the assigned projects under authority’s jurisdiction are completed without any cost overrun while strictly meeting the technical specifications;
• Prepare and submit the plans for performing supervisory construction functions for each project;
• Ensure that there is coordination between and among the planning, design, and procurement/contract management units of the Authority;
• Conduct regular site visits for troubleshooting and providing high quality technical advices during construction;
• Ensure that any dispute, if ever arises, among client, contractor or consultants, or any social issue with beneficiaries/public representatives, is resolved urgently to avoid their impacts on project implementation schedule.

Occasional Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Ensure close liaison/consultations with the public representatives and beneficiaries at all stages of the project from planning, design, and construction for meeting their legitimate needs and keeping them fully informed to take the ownership of projects during operation and maintenance stage;
• Regularly conduct seminars/workshops for knowledge sharing with all stakeholders including also the public representatives and PAPA staff; and
• Prepare regular review/progress reports and all the required documentations for Authority’s Management, and disclosure of requisite information on websites to ensure transparency as part of the Authority’s policies.

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