Information Technology

PAPA, IT Wing is responsible for providing the infrastructure for automation. It implements the governance, refers to the implementation of operational parameters for working units and individuals’ use of IT systems, architecture, and networks.


DMS (Document Management System) was launched and is being handled by PAPA’s IT department in an effort to promote a paperless workplace and save stationary costs. On DMS, all formal cases and Daaks are processed digitally. By saving time and money on couriers, DMS enables remote offices to move cases ahead expeditiously.


The IT team has launched the E-Payroll System, which allows payroll monies to be distributed to employees without the use of paper checks, to facilitate the Finance Wing. Every month, a payroll job is called in order to generate a comprehensive paycheck for the PAPA personnel. Additionally, the E- Payroll has the ability to generate salary reports by allowances, grade or scale, department, and designation.


The IT team has also created an additional E-Profiling system that meets the core requirements of the Administrator department and enables that department to be creative, productive, and effective. Each PAPA employee’s electronic profile has been saved, and the system is able to produce reports on employees by gender, grade or scale, department, and designation.


The IT department is in charge of organizing, maintaining, and upgrading the network system (PAPA Router, Switches, Controller, and Access Points) to ensure Internet and backup availability. As the PAPA operates entirely online and without paper, The IT team’s primary responsibility is to ensure that internet services are available uninterrupted for a full 24 hours. In order to achieve this, the IT team has installed primary Fiber, secondary Wireless, and a tertiary internet connectivity.


A web page that a user is confronted with upon connecting to a public access Wi-Fi network has been created and is administered by the IT Team as the Internet Captive Portal. The IT team’s responsibility is to create local Captive portal users who have access to the internet, as well as to set rate limits (download/upload speed) and traffic limits (daily usage quotas) according to requirements.


The DMS, E-Payroll, E-Profiling, Email and FTP Hosted Servers are also managed by the IT Team. The primary responsibility of the IT Team is to maintain the security, functionality, and availability of the Application and Database Servers.


The PAPA’s email services are also managed by the IT team. The IT team creates the official emails used for formal correspondence amongst PAPA staff members, as well as with the vendor and the Banks.


By doing away with USB devices, the IT team is also prepared to accommodate the FTP Server, a vital centralized platform for file exchange across numerous locations and regional offices. This is enacted to prevent the data by avoiding USBs that have malware on them, to lower the cost of buying USBs, and to give PAPA officials access to a shared workspace. The primary responsibility of the IT team is to add users to the FTP server, provide them access rights, space, and the appropriate directories.


In order to ensure effective operation, PAPA IT TEAM has also introduced the Life 360 app’s services to track the performance and activity of PAPA field workers as well as to analyze real-time data. The IT Team is in charge of compiling daily statistics on the travel patterns of field personnel, including the distance travelled, the route used, and the time spent travelling.


For the weekly progress remote meetings with the regional directors, for the online meetings with other departments and consultants, and for the interviewing of candidates during the hiring process for PAPA staff, the IT team has also deployed and is managing the video conferencing system.


The IP Cameras, NVR System (for security purposes), and Biometric Device are maintained and managed by PAPA’s IT Team (for the Staff Attendance).


Employees are accustomed to needing to get in touch with the IT division for DMS and network support. All users who require access to the department’s computer systems, network, and DMS can get it via the IT department. This could comprise setting up new hardware or software, fixing broken hardware, instructing staff members on how to use new software, and troubleshooting issues with the system or a specific user’s computer.


The PAPA website was developed and is kept up to date by the IT division. It develops the coding, designs the layout, and does usability testing on the website. The website offers comprehensive details on the Authority’s Vision, Mission, Management Structure, and Services Departments, as well as information on tendering procedures, project progress, and contact details.




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