Punjab Aab-e-Pak (PAPA) opts Open Competitive Bidding procedure through Publication of Tender as the principal method of Procurement for the Procurement of Goods, Services and Works.

PAPA advertises procurement-related notices on the websites of Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and PAPA, and in at least two national daily newspapers of wide circulation – one in English and one in Urdu – in the manner and format specified by regulations. PAPA ensures that the advertised information is complete for purposes for which it has been posted and accordingly allows the required response time for the receipt of bids or proposals, and such information remains available until the closing date for the submission of bids.

PAPA formulates precise and unambiguous bidding documents which are made available to the interested Bidders immediately after the publication of the Invitation to Bid.

PAPA specifies the manner and method of submission and receipt of bids in an unambiguous and clear manner in the bidding documents. Bidders are required to submit a bid in a sealed package or packages in such manner that the contents of the bid are fully enclosed and cannot be known until duly opened.

All bids are opened publicly in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who may choose to be present, at the time and place announced prior to the bidding. All bidders in attendance at the time of opening of the bids are required to sign an attendance sheet.

The whole process of Bid Submission and Bid Opening is recorded on a video camera to ensure transparency and to remove any chance of malfeasance during the proceedings.

PAPA formulates an appropriate evaluation criterion listing all the relevant information against which a bid is to be evaluated and this evaluation criteria forms an integral part of the bidding documents. All the bids are evaluated in accordance with the enlisted criteria and other terms and conditions set forth in the bidding documents.


PAPA announces the results of bid evaluation in the form of a report giving justification for acceptance or rejection of bids at least ten days prior to the award of the procurement contract. The same is uploaded on the website of PPRA as well as of PAPA.


Subject to PPRA Rules, the bidder with the lowest evaluated bid, if not in conflict with any other law, is awarded the procurement Contract.


PAPA requires the signing of a written contract from the successful bidder. A Procurement Contract comes into force from the date on which the signatures of both the procuring agency and the successful bidder are affixed to the written contract and such affixing of signatures takes place within a reasonable time after the submission and verification of required documents.


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