Completed Projects in Rawalpindi Division

Sr. No.DistrictLocationNew/ RehabilitatedExecuting Agency(ies)Beneficiary Population
2 AttockKandwalNewPAPA9,490
3 AttockBasalNewPAPA8,330
4 AttockThattaNewPAPA10,000
5 ChakwalRwss OdherwalNewPAPA2500
6 ChakwalMahraNewPAPA3850
7 ChakwalRwss BalkassarNewPAPA3360
8 ChakwalRwss Thoa BahadurNewPAPA2500
9 JhelumDomeliNewPAPA5,000
10 JhelumTobahNewPAPA5,000
11 JhelumAtherNewPAPA1,800
12 RawalpindiMastalaNewPAPA5000
13 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Mial Uc ParialNewPAPA4800
14 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Rehbar Colony Uc Usman Khattar.NewPAPA5500
15 RawalpindiRwss DulmialNewPAPA5300
16 RawalpindiRwss BhounNewPAPA4200
17 RawalpindiLilla ThalNewPAPA4000
18 RawalpindiDhok Makh BukahriNewPAPA6,500
19 RawalpindiChanga BagyalNewPAPA14,670
20 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Khuramb Kaswal.NewPAPA9,000
21 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Sukho.NewPAPA5,000
22 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Basali Uc BasaliNewPAPA4620
23 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Dheri Uc ChontraNewPAPA2500
24 RawalpindiRural Water Supply Scheme Chahan Uc ChahanNewPAPA6160
25AttockKharppa, Pindi GhebNewPAPA8,200
26AttockNosherah, Pindi GhebNewPAPA9,660
27AttockKasran, Pindi GhebNewPAPA7,040
28AttockMarmaki Jandial, Tehsil Jand NewPAPA3,900
29AttockKot Chihji, Tehsil Jand NewPAPA5,800
30AttockThatta, Tehsil Jand NewPAPA9,490
31AttockBasal, Tehsil JandNewPAPA8,330
32AttockHassan AbdalNewSarwar Foundation3,000
33ChakwalRwss MunaraNewPAPA4,500
34ChakwalRwss Buchal KalanNewPAPA4,800
35ChakwalKallar Kahar MahraNewPAPA2500
36ChakwalChoa Saidan Shah Rwss DulmialNewPAPA3850
37ChakwalKallar Kahar Rwss BhounNewPAPA3360
38ChakwalKallar Kahar Rwss Buchal KalanNewPAPA2500
39ChakwalKallar Kahar Rwss MunaraNewPAPA5,000
40ChakwalMahra, Tehsil Choha Saiden ShahNewPAPA3,330
42ChakwalThoa BahadurNewPAPA5,500
44ChakwalMaingan NewPAPA3,000
45ChakwalBullay Bala NewPAPA2,000
46ChakwalPress Club, TalagangNewSarwar Foundation3,421
47ChakwalGovt Girls School, DalmiaNewSarwar Foundation3,456
48ChakwalJanaza Gah, Dhok SialNewHelping Hand for Relief and Development600
49ChakwalGovt. High School, VeroNewHelping Hand for Relief and Development400
50ChakwalVillage Chak MalookNewHelping Hand for Relief and Development500
51JhelumPind Dadan Khan Lilla ThalNewPAPA5000
52JhelumPind Dadan Khan KandwalNewPAPA4800
53JhelumDomeli, SohawaNewPAPA10,000
54JhelumLilla Thal, Tehsil Pind Dadan KhanNewPAPA6,500
55JhelumKandwal, Tehsil Pind Dadan KhanNewPAPA14,670
56JhelumTobah, Tehsil Pind Dadan KhanNewPAPA9,000
57JhelumAther, Tehsil Pind Dadan KhanNewPAPA5,000
58JhelumMohalla Malik Wala, New Main Bazar, Pind Dadan KhanNewMuslim Hands1,800
59JhelumDandot Cement Colony, KhewraNewSarwar Foundation3,225
60JhelumDandot Cement Factory, KhewraNewSarwar Foundation3,456
61RawalpindiChungi No. 22NewPAPA5000
62RawalpindiPeople'S ColonyRehabilitatedPAPA5300
63RawalpindiJaan ColonyRehabilitatedPAPA4200
64RawalpindiPind Dadan Khan AtherNewPAPA4,500
65RawalpindiPind Dadan Khan TobahNewPAPA5,000
66RawalpindiSohawa DomeliNewPAPA5,000
67RawalpindiChakwal Rwss Thoa BahadurNewPAPA5,000
68RawalpindiChakwal Rwss BalkassarNewPAPA5,000
69RawalpindiChoa Saidan Shah MahraNewPAPA5,000
70RawalpindiChakwal Rwss OdherwalNewPAPA5,000
71RawalpindiRawalpindi Rural Water Supply Scheme Chahan Uc ChahanNewPAPA3,000
72RawalpindiRawalpindi Rural Water Supply Scheme Dheri Uc ChontraNewPAPA1,800
73RawalpindiRawalpindi Rural Water Supply Scheme Basali Uc BasaliNewPAPA3,000
74RawalpindiGujar Khan Rural Water Supply Scheme Sukho.NewPAPA8,200
75RawalpindiGujar Khan Rural Water Supply Scheme Khuramb Kaswal.NewPAPA9,660
76RawalpindiGujar Khan Changa BagyalNewPAPA7,040
77RawalpindiKallar Syedan Dhok Makh BukahriNewPAPA3,900
78RawalpindiJand ThattaNewPAPA5,800
79RawalpindiJand BasalNewPAPA9,490
80RawalpindiPindi Gheb KhourNewPAPA8,330
81RawalpindiJhelum AtherNewPAPA5,800
82RawalpindiJhelum TobahNewPAPA5,600
83RawalpindiJhelum DomeliNewPAPA4,500
84RawalpindiAttock KhourNewPAPA5,000
85RawalpindiAttock Installation Of 44 Water Wells Amp; Shallow Wells NewPak Aid6160
86RawalpindiAttock Installation Of 66 Afridev Water WellsNewPak Aid4620
87RawalpindiAttock Basic Health Care Unit (Bhu) KhundaNewPak Aid2500
88RawalpindiAttock Installation Of 44 Water Wells Shallow Wells NewPak Aid6160
89RawalpindiAttock Installtion Of Filtration Plant In AttockNewPak Aid2500
90RawalpindiAttock Installation Of 11 Solar Water Well In AttockNewPak Aid3850
91RawalpindiChakwal Installation Of 48 Afridev Water WellNewPak Aid3360
92RawalpindiChakwal Government Degree Commerce College TalagangNewPak Aid2500
93RawalpindiRawalpindi Installation Of 1 Afridev Water WellNewPak Aid70
94RawalpindiRawalpindi Forest Services Academy Ghora Gali, MurreeNewPak Aid2500
95RawalpindiRawalpindi Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, District RawalpindiNewPak Aid2500
97RawalpindiChak Beli KhanNewPAPA7,500
99RawalpindiRehbar Colony, Tehsil TaxilaNewPAPA17,850
100RawalpindiThatta Khalil, Tehsil TaxilaNewPAPA7,860
101RawalpindiMakh Bukhari, Tehsil Kallar SyedanNewPAPA6,660
102RawalpindiSukho, Tehsil Gujar Khan NewPAPA6,000
103RawalpindiChanga Bagyal, Tehsil Gujar Khan NewPAPA6,000
106RawalpindiKhuramb Kaswal, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewPAPA13,000
107RawalpindiPadehana, Tehsil Gujar Khan NewPAPA19,980
108RawalpindiKaryala, Tehsil Gujar Khan NewPAPA5,460
109RawalpindiPanjhgran Kalan, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewPAPA2,250
110RawalpindiVillage Islam Pura, Jabber, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands WASH5,000
111RawalpindiVillage Kauntrila Near Uc Council, Thesil Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands WASH5,000
112RawalpindiMain Gt Road, SohawaNewMuslim Hands WASH5,000
113RawalpindiNear Muslim High School Gt Road, Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands WASH5,000
114RawalpindiNear Junior Model School Gt Road, Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands WASH5,000
115RawalpindiWater Filtration Plant, Tehsil Gujjar KhanNewMuslim Hands WASH3,000
116RawalpindiMohalla Malik Wala, Pind Dad KhanNewMuslim Hands WASH1,800
117RawalpindiVillage Islam Pura Jabber, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands3,000
118RawalpindiNear Union Council, Village Kauntrila, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands6,400
119RawalpindiMain G.T Road Sohawa, Tehsil SohawaNewMuslim Hands12,000
120RawalpindiNear Muslim High School, G.T Road, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands11,600
121RawalpindiNear Tma Infront Of Junior Model School, G.T Road, Tehsil Gujar KhanNewMuslim Hands13,000
122RawalpindiNumble 2NewHelping Hand for Relief and Development510
123RawalpindiNumble 1NewHelping Hand for Relief and Development455
124RawalpindiRawatNewHelping Hand for Relief and Development350
125RawalpindiSehar BuglayNewHelping Hand for Relief and Development600
126RawalpindiPotha Sharif 2NewHelping Hand for Relief and Development550
127RawalpindiPotha Sharif 1NewHelping Hand for Relief and Development500
128RawalpindiAghosh College, MurreeNewAl Khidmat Foundation5,500
129RawalpindiKachi Abadi, Gulistan ColonyNewSarwar Foundation3,245
130RawalpindiGovt. Girls M.C High School Hayatsar Road, Gujar KhanNewSarwar Foundation3,000
131RawalpindiGujar KhanNewMuslim Hands3,000
132RawalpindiGovt. Associate College For Woman, Gujar Khan NewSarwar Foundation2,800
133RawalpindiVillage SagriNewSarwar Foundation3,675
134RawalpindiPolice Line NewSarwar Foundation3,245

Total Beneficiaries = 711,298

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