Water Board Established for Collaboration with Leading NGOs Active in Provision of Safe Drinking Water Supply in Punjab

To ensure a well-coordinated planning with the NGOs for the need-based water supply schemes in Punjab, PAPA under the guidance of its Patron-in-Chief established a Water Board on 1st April 2021. All the filtration plants of NGOs (existing and planned) and proposed interventions of PAPA have been mapped which is helping to avoid any duplications. Furthermore, lessons are being learned from each other to replicate best practices. The coordination, which is the first of its kind in the province, has started to yield fruits in jointly identifying the vulnerable communities and implementing the schemes with better solutions which are technically sound, simple and cost effective. This is not only saving time and resources, but also increasing coverage of water treatment units in the province, particularly in the remote areas with fast implementation. Key focus of this Water Group is to ensure selection of need-based schemes and most importantly the operational sustainability of completed schemes.

Presently, following NGOs and INGOs are part of the Water Board.

• Akhuwat
• Al-khidmat Foundation
•Muslim Hands
• Agahee
•Siylani Welfare International Trust
• Sarwar Foundation
• Aleem Khan Foundation
• Water Aid Pakistan

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