Water Board

The Water Board has been established by kind efforts of Governor Punjab on dated 1st April, 2021.
He understands the fact that although Government has taken various initiatives for clean drinking water for last few years but sustainability of these projects had been a major challenge. In parallel to Government Initiatives, various NGOs and INGOs have also been working in province for last few years. But, there is need of mutual collaboration, information sharing ad resource saving, hence to avoid duplication of efforts and loss to Public exchequer. The purpose of Water Board is to develop a liaison among PAPA and all key NGOs of water sector, for provision of safe drinking water in province. This will not only save time and resources, but also increase coverage of water treatment units in province. In addition, it will also bring opportunity for entrepreneurships in water sector.

Presently, following NGOs and INGOs are part of Water Board.
• Akhuwat
• Muslim Aid
• Muslim Hands
• Water Aid Pakistan
• Siylani Welfare International Trust
• Al-khidmat Foundation
• Sarwar Foundation
• Aleem Khan Foundation
• Water Aid Pakistan