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To provide clean drinking water to more than about 70 million population in 36
 districts of Punjab province mainly in rural, semi-urban and peri-urban areas.


PAPA identifies need-based water supply projects in close coordination with all the stakeholders in Punjab Province to improve access to safe drinking water and combat province-wide waterborne diseases. PAPA carries out detailed field surveys based on which it carries out detailed designs and through a transparent bidding process the projects are awarded and implemented with both quality and efficiency to achieve the desired impacts on human development and health. The Projects are delivered through both public funds and professional/financial support from bilateral donor agencies, NGOs, and private donors.

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The PAPA, as part of its strategic and operational planning, has developed a comprehensive ‘business plan’ to set-forth the desired strategic, structural, operational and financial modalities for operationalization clean drinking water supply schemes in the targeted rural areas of the province. An effective awareness campaign regarding the provision and sustainability of clean drinking water would be ensured through the effective participation of the community. Instead of using approach of installing only UF/ RO filtration plants, the Authority is using processes including conventional media filtration, chlorination, surface water treatment through coagulation and filtration, manually operated ultrafiltration pumps etc for sustainability and simplicity of operations based on raw water quality and other factors. An effective monitoring system would be put in place for the benefit of millions of the people of the province.

– Syed Zahid Aziz, CEO


In a momentous milestone, the Punjab Aab e Pak Authority unveils its inaugural Performance Report, providing an illuminating insight into our unwavering dedication to ensuring clean and accessible water for every citizen. This report encapsulates the essence of our journey, chronicling the challenges surmounted and the triumphs achieved as we relentlessly pursued our mission. It stands as a testament to our commitment, not only in addressing the immediate water needs of our communities but also in laying the foundation for a sustainable and resilient water future. As we delve into the report’s contents, you’ll witness tangible evidence of our progress – improved water quality, expanded access to clean drinking water, and innovative water resource management. The publication is a effort by PSO to CEO a testament to our devoted team, the unwavering support of our stakeholders, and the trust bestowed upon us by the people of Punjab.

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